Who We Are

Kaspar Nursery is a family-owned, wholesale supply yard, located along highway 77 in Mead, NE, just west of Omaha.

Our Process

At Kaspar Nursery, we take an ecological approach to horticulture, with function and habitat serving as our priorities, rather than just aesthetics.

Our Services

Kaspar Nursery owns and operates all the necessary equipment to make the loading and shipping of trees viable options for our customers.

We have been purchasing from Kaspar Tree Farms for the past 20 years.

They have been providing us with consistent high quality plant material that we depend on. I visit them annually and see how they put in the time and care to produce a quality package using updated growing practices. The product looks great upon arrival and shipping practices help keep costs down.

We will continue to use Kaspar Tree Farms as a dependable plant source!

Tom Riesgraf, Operations Manager/Buyer, Bachman's Wholesale Nursery & Hardscapes

Kaspar grows a great tree!

Their trees have nice straight leaders and large, tight rootballs – great quality! Darin always has helpful advice and is extremely knowledgeable.

I am hesitant to recommend them only because I selfishly don’t want them to sell out their inventory!

Nate Jensen, Licensed Arborist, Jensen Gardens Inc.

We have worked with and relied on Kaspar Tree Farms for over 10 years.

It’s great working with a grower that has the ability to provide not only great branching structure, but solid uniform rootballs and top of class payloads. Kaspar trees break bud and show power and vigor in inventory that sell themselves.

Order with confidence whether you need 50 or 500 units you’re getting trees that will pass inspection and preform on your projects.

Todd Seufer, Harmony Gardens