Our Services

Kaspar Nursery owns and operates all the necessary equipment to make the loading and shipping of trees viable options for our customers.

Pick Up

Kaspar Nursery is easy to find due to its location near the intersection of highway 64 and highway 77.  The nursery is paved with gravel roads throughout the entire tree farm, which allows the loading of trucks and trailers a smooth operation no matter the weather conditions.  Our goal is to get you loaded safe and secure and back on the road in an efficient, timely matter.  Our skid loader operators have many years experience loading trailers and are professionals in the process.  Kaspar employees will assist in tarping and tying down trees in a secure manner which will not damage the trees during relocation.  We guarantee your order will be ready for you upon arrival, prepped and ready for shipment.  


Time is money in every business, especially in the landscaping business.  Kaspar Nursery has multiple trucks and trailers to size any order and can deliver to any job site location.  This keeps you and your employees on the job site, while our licensed CDL drivers bring the trees to you.  Our goal is to deliver a prompt service and to transport your trees safe and secure to your location.